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Ronald Hendricks / Homeowner of 47 Brooks Dr
Harassment Dec 2015-Nov 2020.

My experiences since moving into 49 Brooks Dr involving the homeowner next door.
Harassment, verbal and physical, from Dec 2015-present.

Hendricks believes he has the right to do whatever he wants with his property.
Including making it a junkyard, use as base for unlicensed contracting/construction,
renting back building, derelict boats and RV (he got for free), trailers, etc.
Code Enforcement only acts on Complaints. Stop people from complaining=no violations.
Hendricks also believes he can harass/threaten neighbors all he wants from his property.
Uses ongoing harassment, while inside my home, working in my yard or walking to/from my vehicle.
Intention was to never give me a day's peace, force me to move so he can go back to doing what he wants.

Home orientation:
My living room is in the front corner, 5 feet from my fence next to his rear driveway.
Hendricks uses the closeness of my windows to target his harassment. If I opened my front window
on that side, the harassment would be increased so I kept that window closed for most of 2016-2018.
Picture shows area utilized for most harassment, also from his front driveway and street in front of my home.
Person who owned my house when Hendricks moved in 1997, ended up building a 6 foot tall partition
across the front yard (2nd picture) to block Hendricks' peeping in through window from front driveway.

This page has physical assaults by hendricks on me and assaults/fights with neighbors/tenents.

This page has samples of verbal harassment/threats while inside my house.

This page has samples of verbal harassment/threats while in my yard.

This page has samples of using radios/equipment/noise as harassment.

This page has samples 2018-2020 where police were called to stop the noise harassment.

This page has samples of public defamation while under oath at Volusia County Code Board hearings.

This page covers civil court actions involving Hendricks from public records.