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Volusia County Administration/Code Enforcement Corruption
Ongoing accessory building occupancy

How Volusia County Code Enforcement employees disregard the Codes they are paid to enforce.
Allowing an accessory building to be occupied in single-family zone (violation).

Occupancy from Dec 23, 2020 to current
Examples of people coming/going into the back building.
Ch01 videos show vehicles, Ch02 shows people going in/out from back building.
Night videos hard to see people walking past camera.

Activity captured from Feb 24, 2021

11:14am male tenant leaves

11:54 daughter arrives

12:12 male tenant returns

12:45 daughter out to car/12:49 female tenant leaves/daughter leaves

1:26 female tenant returns

3:09 male tenant out/in

3:11 male tenant leaves

4:45 male tenant returns

5:23 male tenant out/in moving car

6:06 daughter arrives

6:10 ron arrives with appliances
6:15-6:37 ron/tenant unloading appliances

6:47 daughter leaves

8:38 male tenant out/in

10:00 male tenant leaves on scooter

10:05 male tenant returns on scooter

11:22 male/female tenants leave

1:17am male/female tenants return

Apartment activity, door open/close, lights, people/dog various times day/night