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Ronald Hendricks / Homeowner of 47 Brooks Dr

My experiences since moving into 49 Brooks Dr involving the homeowner next door.

Civil court public records from (known) cases involving Hendricks.

12/2016 Hendricks files civil case 2 weeks after being found "in violation" by Code Board.
Hendricks expected I would spend thousands to hire an attorney but I had evidence to show his claims were false.
Initial claim (filed as retailiation) and amended claims full of false statements. Sworn statements makes it perjury.
Judge ordered trial in 2019 after Hendricks had failed to proceed since 2016. After Hendricks changed his claims and
attorney, I filed an amended answer including a counter claim which details my experiences after moving in Oct 2014.
I then withdrew my counter claim after realizing I would have to prosecute it myself. Not only did Hendricks perjure
himself in the trial, his only "witness" was Sean MacCoy (178 Lincoln Ave, Ormond Beach, FL) who lied onder oath
that I used my phone to video him and made several comments about Hendricks.
Sean McCoy perjured himself in court which is a Felony.

This is my Amended Answer and Counter-Suit filed 8/22/19