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only has older examples 2015-2017, will be updated through 2020

Ronald Hendricks / Homeowner of 47 Brooks Dr
Examples of harassment: long-term, near-daily use of noise as nuisance.

My experiences since moving into 49 Brooks Dr involving the homeowner next door.
Harassment, verbal and physical, from Dec 2015-present. One focus has been the near-daily use of a radio directed at my living room about 15 feet away. Videos on this page are a few examples where Hendricks left a radio or other equipment running while gone from home or unattended for lengthy periods (some over 4 hours-all day). In 2017, police were able to help. Radio still commonly used as nuisance when Hendricks home but turned off when gone.

During 2015 when we were friends, ron worked mostly in or in front of his garage, ocassionally in driveway but rarely ran equipment in driveway. After being charged for misdemeanor assault in Dec 2015, Hendricks moved several shelves and equipment out to his driveway and back porch, rarely using the garage for working in since.

Home orientation:
Because our houses/lots are angled, my Southeast corner/living room,
is to the rear of the driveway on the east side of Hendricks home.
Pictures below show the area utilized by Hendricks for noise harassment.

Radio on truck hood, left on while gone 12/21/15 and 12/28/15:
After the misdemeanor assault charge was filed, Hendricks started turning a portable radio on the hood of his truck, parked in his driveway next to my living room window. The radio would be left on even when Hendricks had driven off in his car. On 2/28, the police came out and turned the radio off, resulting in Hendricks making a complaint for the officer going into his back yard. After this, Hendricks started placing the radio inside an open window facing my living room.

Hendricks also began using a leaf blower regularly for noise, as a nuisance. Rarely used before, only after mowing. Also would leave blower running/unattended a lot. One time (5/25/16) it was going about 20 minutes without "moving" so I went out and took a video (upside down). 10 minutes later took another video (starts with noise level from inside my living room) and called police who came out 10 minutes later, blower still running unattended. The officer had Hendricks turn it off, then Hendricks went to the police station to complain that he was just "running out the gas". The officer came back for the videos which show the blower has electric cord.

Radio and equipment left running as harassment while Hendricks gone:
Along with the portable radio inside an open window facing my living room left on even when Hendricks had driven off in his car, there were other instances with equipment left running. Videos below show a compressor left running (10/8/16) and some examples of the radio left on while for long periods (11/18/16 10:30am-2:30pm) and left on high volume (12/19/16, 1/19/17, 4/17/17). Police would not take action, said noise ordinance was in dispute.

11/18/16 ron gone in truck, radio left on, videos from 10:30am and 2:30pm, ron gone over 4 hours.

5/6/17 ron gone in car, compressor left running,
videos from 1:37pm showing car gone and 1:49pm with noise level inside living room.

A few more examples 2016/2017 of daily harassment using radio or equipment:

radio 11/28/16 8:30am and 10:30am, ron gone in truck at least 2 hours.

radio 12/19/16 and 1/19/17.

radio 1/25/17 and 2/1/17.

radio 4/7/17 1:21pm and 1:37pm.

radio 4/17/17 and compressor 10/08/16.

compressor 12/24/16 and 3/29/17.

compressor 3/31/17 and blower 3/31/17.