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Ronald Hendricks / Homeowner of 47 Brooks Dr
Examples of harassment: long-term, near-daily use of noise as nuisance.

second page, examples Oct-Nov 2019 and Jul-Nov 2020:

10/12/2019- 8:13am radio on loud to harass.

10/22/2019- 3:20 ron gets home, 3:22 turns radio on, then loud, 3:25 turned down but kept on.

11/14/2019- my front windows open, 12:20 ron gets home, 12:23 radio on loud. 12:28 radio off, ron leaves.
Radio only turned on to harass because my window open.

11/18/2019- ron working outside, radio off, I get home 12:59pm, radio turned on to harass.

11/21/2019- 1:18pm radio very loud, 1:30 I leave, take phone video.

7/2/20- my front windows open, 4:26am ron harassing/truck radio on/revving truck repeatedly waking me up.

7/5/20- my front windows open, 7:05am ron bangs something in back, whistling, etc. 7:29 radio on, 7:30 louder to provoke.

8/2/20- 9:10am-9:14 cutting/sawing/equipment in back.

8/7/2020- I get home on motorcycle 11:48am, ron turns radio on.

8/30/2020- my front windows open, 6:43am ron hacking by window, 6:59am bangs welding tanks, 7:07 making noise trying to provoke. 7:30 more loud noises, 7:38 banging welding tanks again, 7:44-8:45 banging/hammering in driveway.

11/2/20- cool weather, both my front windows open, tv on (5 feet from microphone).
12:35 ron gets home, 12:38 radio on loud in side window until 2:59.

11/4/2020- my windows open, tv on. 9:16 radio on, then loud in side window. 9:42 :50 working on truck behind gate, banging, etc. 11:? truck in front of gate, radio still on in side window until 12:15.

11/8/2020- dropping materials in drivway.

11/9/2020- raining, 11:40am ron turns radio on loud in open window anyway.

11/10/2020- 7:26am bangs truck, 7:46 turns on radio, then up loud. 7:50 I get up, play 911 recording. 7:59 ron leaves, radio was on only for harassment/wake me/provoke.

11/14/2020- 8:28am sawing in driveway, 8:34-8:45 dropping wood/sawing. 8:55 radio on in front, 8:57 turns up very loud. Take phone video. 4:12 :26 :42 5:16 :30? sheet metal/hammering/construction in back yard/patio.

11/15/2020- equipment 10:21am, construction 3:15-4:15.

11/21/2020- equipment 10:42am, construction 3:15-4:15.

11/22/2020- 10:56 bringing construction materials in.

11/25/2020- 10:13am bongs welding tanks. construction noise 2:00-2:40.