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Calls to Volusia County Sheriff trying to stop/document ongoing harassment

second page, examples from 2020:

5/25/20 P201461166- radio on loud as nuisance, I play 911 recording (from Dec 2015), police eventually called
12:36pm radio on very loud. 12:54 I take garbage out, ron harasses, I turn on 911 recording in back bedroom.
ron puts speaker on ladder by bedroom window. 1:27 I call police. 1:46 ron turns radio louder, then moves speaker
by my living room window. 1:52 officer calls me back, says to turn off 911 recording if I expect help.
2:00 different officer arrives than on phone, 2:08 ron turns radio off.
After officer leaves. ron moves speaker to his back porch, harasses through window, turns radio back on.

Video clips showing 1) radio on loud at 12:38pm. 2) ron harasses when I take out garbage 12:55.
3) I turn on 911 recording in bedroom window, ron drops/leans ladder on my fence.
4) ron puts radio on ladder where 911 playing in back bedroom, turns up radio volume.
5) ron moves speaker by my living room window 1:49. 6) officer on site 2:00.
7) radio off 2:08. 8) police leave, ron moves speaker 2:29, harasses. 9) 2:30 turns radio back on.

Police report shows an officer Maldano called me (and said to turn off 911 recording).
Officer Mele shows up, thinks I shut off 911 to deny it was playing. I had wanted to leave on so officer could see/hear
difference in volume. Instead treated as equally responsible, disregarding initial cause/excessive escalation by Hendricks.

6/17/2020 P201690797- radio on loud in morning as nuisance, police called
my windows open, tv on. 8:20 ron turns radio on in front, 8:30 louder, I turn tv up.
8:44 ron harassing. 8:55 turns radio up very loud, trying to provoke.
I call police this time rather than playing 911 recording. Same officer Mele as 5/25, offers no help
"because I responded before", disregarding I called police first this time rather than retaliating.
ron continues playing radio on/off, harassing from driveway, then running power equipment.

Video clips showing 1) video audio out until 8:33am, radio already on. 2) ron in driveway 8:44 harassing.
3) radio volume turned up 8:55. 4) radio turned off 10:15 (police left around 10).
5) radio turned back on 10:41, ron harasses from driveway, then turns radio off.
6) radio turned back on 11:22, ron harassing from driveway. 7) power equipment running 10:41.
8) equipment running 20+ minutes (and radio still on), video audio cuts out 11:54.

Police report makes it appear than I am at fault. Thinks I played 911 recording like 5/25 before calling.
Report mentions "independent neighbor" claims they can hear my TV which has never been very high volume.
More likely they were hearing Ron's radio playing music and talk shows. I do listen to music loud in my living room.
Officer Mele questioned security video showing radio being turned up/harsssing even though date/time stamped.
Mele's handling of other incidents with neighbors shows bias for Hendricks, has "bought into" his stories/lies.

11/14/2020 P203190767- radio on loud, harassing and construction in driveway, police called
my windows open, tv on. ron taking apart wooden pallet in driveway, sawing/hammering (should use garage),
8:31 starts harassing, 8:55am turns radio on, 8:57 louder, more harassing, telling me to move.
9:05 I call police rather than playing 911 recording. while police inside my living room, ron turns radio up louder.
police talk to him. ron continues playing radio, harassing and laughing that police can't do anything.
9:55 I turn on 911 recording in living room, 10:26 ron continues harassing after I turn off 911,
10:30 I play 911 again, ron continues harassing, runs blower in driveway 10:47-11:08 with more harassing, threats.
11:14 I close windows, turn on living room window a/c (covers some noise). Radio/harassment on/off rest of day.

Video clips- my windows open, ron doing construction work several hours in driveway with verbal harassment on/off.
I spliced some clips together since there are many verbal parts within 2-3 minute time frames.
1) 8:30am taking apart wooden pallet, starts harassing. 8:56 radio on in driveway. turned up loud 8:57. police arrive 9:29.
2) continues harassing while police are on site, "steal some more money". 3) 9:42 police talk to ron again (audio cuts out).
4) more harassing after police unable to help, I play 911 recording in my living room, police leave.
ron making threats/defamatory comments, telling me to move (and neighbor across street).
5) 911 playing, continued verbal harassment "nothing he can do about it but MOVE!", talking about use of radio.
6) 911 playing, continued verbal harasment, construction noise.
7) 911 playing, continued verbal harassment, construction noise. 10:26 I turn off 911, harassment continues.
8) continued verbal harassment, construction noise. 10:30 acknowledges messing up my sleep.
9) continued verbal harassment, 10:35 I turn 911 back on. 10) more harassing while 911 on, then off.
11) more harassing, physical threat "fuck him up" like he did to neighbor across street.
12) later examples, banging/harassing by window 3:00pm.

Police report dispatcher incorrectly says I did not want Noise complaint. I requested an officer because of noise.
Report says "music is back up" at 9:46 and Hendricks yelling through my window while I was inside.
Then mentions "before I do something about it myself" which was play the 911 recording from Dec 2015.
At 9:56, police leave, "music was turned down while deputies on site" but both radio and 911 going then.
Videos show when on/off and when radio volume decreased, Hendricks says he didn't turn it down.