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Ronald Hendricks / Homeowner of 47 Brooks Dr
Examples from 5 years of verbal harassment

second page, examples Aug-Nov 2020:

8/1/2020- 8:18am ron harassing by window off/on (homosexual taunts).

8/2/2020- 6:43am ron harassing by window. 7:07/7:14am ron harassing neighbor walking dog.

8/3/2020- 12:30pm ron harassing through my window.

8/7/2020- my front windows open, 6:48am ron harassing from back porch.
7:07 harassing, whistling, revving truck etc before leaving.

8/18/2020- ron harassing by window 7:01am (open garbage/"smell this"),
ron yelling 7:39-7:43 about my new tire, I respond from window, then porch.

8/20/2020- ron yelling through window 8:56.

9/21/2020- 8:24am ron yelling through window, 9:05 "liberal" "move", 10:16 "liberal" comments.

10/14/2020- 8:17am "liberal asshole", ron yelling at side window 4:53pm "move" "liberal fuck"
4:54 "stealing my mail", 4:56 physical threats.
5:20 more harassing, 5:21 5:23pm ron yelling at neighbor (disabled veteran).

10/15/2020- (23 minute clip) ron yelling through window 7:56am, 8:00 physical threats,
8:01 I go out and respond, 8:02 physical threats, 8:03 I go back inside,
ron contiues harassing, I respond through open window, 8:04 physical threats,
8:05 "rob mother's social security", 8:06 close my windows, turn on a/c,
8:06 ron continues "move asshole", 8:12 mentions closed window "robbing mother", claims neighbor Mike
is gay (Mike and Ron called me faggot many times, unlikely Mike is gay). 8:14 mentions how some cops sympathetic
to me "keystone cops" implying others buy his "story", 8:19 "robbing mothers social security check".

10/16/2020- ron harassing from back porch 7:44am 7:46 7:52 "move" 7:55.
8:49 ron harassing from truck before leaving, I respond.

10/17/2020- ron harassing through window 8:33am 8:37 8:47.

10/19/2020- ron harassing/hacking from back porch 7:06am.

10/22/2020- ron harassing when he gets home 8:10am "wake up motherfucker".

10/28/2020- ron harassing when he gets home 5:50pm "trump tower open".

11/1/2020- my front window open, ron spitting 7:06am (DVR not reset for DST).

11/4/2020- ron harassing "fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, fuck you" 9:23am.

11/5/2020- ron harassing after I open windows (mentions window)
8:02 "stealing money off mommy", 8:03 physical threats, 8:05 harassing.

11/15/2020- my windows open. 7:27 harassing, 7:35 I get up, turn on tv, more harassing, ron leaves 7:50. 10:23 ron back, harassing.

11/18/2020- 9:30am open my windows (tv on), 9:42 9:53 10:00 ron harassing.

11/21/2020- my windows open, ron harsssing 9:00am 9:02 11:21 mocking anxiety medication, I respond, ron leaves.