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Ronald Hendricks / Homeowner of 47 Brooks Dr
Examples from 5 years of verbal harassment

second page, some recent examples Jul-Nov 2020:

7/11/2020- I return home 5:22pm, ron harasses (audio cuts out until I yell back)
as I walk to my front door, I respond, go inside. Ron continues harassing.

7/28/2020- 5:37pm harasses when I return home/walking to my front door.

8/5/2020- mowing back yard (no audio). ron starts harassing from behind garage, out of security camera view,
1) 9:44 I guesture with hand in respone. 2) 9:50 I take my phone out, walk to fence, ron retreats around garage.
3) I carry phone in one hand while I finish mowing.

8/28/2020- 8:54am I return home on motorcycle,
ron comes out while I am unloading groceries, harasses as I walk to door, then leaves.

8/30/2020- taking my garbage out when leaving 12:22pm, ron arrives home, harassing as I walk to my car,
I respond, ask about WinnDixie parking lot incident (had police review store tape for possible stalking).

10/13/2020- 1:55 ron sees me unlocking my motorcycle, waits in truck until I exit my yard,
then accellerates, backing out into street as if to hit me as I pass.
Not a verbal threat, physical threat like when fist swung.

10/16/2020- I return home 8:46am. 8:49 I put out flag, ron harassing from truck, I respond.

11/1/2020- not reset for DST (7:23 actual=8:23 on video). 7:23am I take out garbage, ron by truck, harasses, I respond.

11/16/2020- 7:35am I take garbage out with phone to photograph truck parked in front yard again.
Ron outside, starts harassing (audio out until ron hits fence).

11/17/2020- 8:17am ron harassing "you lied" when I get home, going to front door.
1:39pm harassing when I get home, going to front door.

A few recent examples of ron harassing neighbor and mailman:

8/2/2020- 7:07/7:14am ron harassing neighbor walking dog.

9/1/2020- ron harassing mailman 3:12pm (audio cuts off/on).

11/1/2020- not reset for DST (7:32 actual=8:32 on video) 7:32am ron harassing neighbor (out of frame) before leaving.

11/5/2020- 7:47am ron harassing neighbor walking dog (ch2 audio, ch1 street view).

Some videos which involve issues involving Hendricks directly or associatively:

6/20/20- When reviewing my security camera footage to save examples of harassment,
I noticed Hendricks had parked his truck in an odd place so reviewed that time frame.
It shows a woman ducking down while exiting the back seat of Hendrick's truck at 2:16pm. When leaving the next day at 11:43, the woman peeks around the corner before getting into the truck. I was concerned this may be a minor or fugitive since they were obviously trying to avoid being seen from the street. The woman appears to be a neighbor (adult) who lives with her parents. That would explain sneaking in and out since I was told her parents thought she was supposed to be in rehab. Hendricks disputes it was the neighbor, her parents can review the video themselves.

Audio clip from Code Board hearing where Hendricks describes this incident:

On 10/24/19, a neighbor called me and asked me to check my security videos because someone had broken into his house and stolen over $2,000 in silver coins and bars he had collected. He left about 1pm, returned about 20 minutes later so it was easy to check. The videos show the person (top of screen) at 1:08 and leaving at 1:11. The long ponytail matches one of the neighbors. Since the guy knew the neighbors, he talked to her parents but his stuff was never returned. He also choose not to report it to the police now that he knew who it was. This was actually the 2nd time in a few weeks she had broken in (first break-in was reported).

This is security video from 10/9/19 showing the woman clearly (note hair style).