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Volusia County Administration/Code Enforcement Corruption

How Volusia County Code Enforcement shows disregard for the Codes they are paid to enforce. Allowing the
residential property at 47 Brooks Dr to become a rat-infested, industrialized, junkyard (violation) with a 34 foot tall,
1,200 sqft accessory building, occupied/rented the accessory structure (violation), invalid Violations
filed against me and another neighbor and more.

Will also be adding my attempts requesting help/intervention from the County Building Director Clay Ervin (2017),
County Council representatives Heather Post/Ed Kelly (2018) and County Manager George Recktenwald (2019)
in effort to have long-term violations and employee ethics addressed.

The beginning: during 1997 Ron Hendricks, working as an unlicensed contractor, remodeled the house
at 47 Brooks Dr, Ormond Beach, FL. This included complete removal, and/or extension west, of the existing roof
and trusses, southwest corner (front wall of enclosed car port) of home extended 4 feet outward to square off the
corner of house, allowed removal of original load bearing west wall (inside car port wall), now using the outside
carport wall as load-bearing. Interior walls were removed/added with electrical and plumbing changes. No permits
were ever done for this work, the first permit filed uses a 1998 survey after the 1997 work was completed. The house
was purchased by Suzzane Holloyway and Ronald Hendricks in Dec 1997 for $25,000 with notation the below-market
price was specifically due to the remodeling work Hendricks did prior to purchase. Hendricks removed Holloway
from the title in 2008, reporting a sale price of $20,000, which was Hendricks' out-of-pocket cost for the 1997 work.

The "junkyard" page
covering how inspectors allowed 47 Brooks Dr to become an industrialized lot/junkyard for years.
First complaint for debris/materials/junk sent March 2016 to Code Enforcement Director Mike Nelson.
A "junkyard" Violation was finally filed 3/1/19 after contacting the County Manager.

The "setback" page
covering how inspector Michael Mazzola falsified a Jan 2016 permit inspection for 47 Brooks Dr.
After repeated complaints to Code Enforcement and County Council, administration denies
this simple, clear violation (fence as-built is non-compliant and not per site plan/permit).

The "occupancy" page
covering how inspectors allowed occupancy and rental of an accessory structure without a Certificate of Occupancy
and multiple residences in Single-Family zone. Complaints disregarded by Code Enforcement and County Council.

The "accessory structure" page
covering how the 1,200 sqft building is based on a permit to add 275 sqft.
County initially fought but then finalized the permit based on plans which did not match the actual construction.

The "malicious" page
covering how inspectors have filed three invalid Violations against me and another neighbor.

The "parking" page
covering some simple parking codes. Starting with a violation filed against me in Feb 2016,
how complaints were handled and a 7/15/20 Board hearing with false/misdirecting information/testimony by Enforcement.