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Volusia County Administration/Code Enforcement Corruption
Long-term "junkyard" ignored by on-site inspectors, Complaints dismissed.

My experiences with Volusia County's disregard for the Codes they are paid to enforce.
Since June 2016, I have been trying to get the County to address the industrial site/junkyard at 47 Brooks Dr. Below are photos sent to Enforcement to show the conditions. My most recent attempt, 2/19, resulted in the first "junkyard" Violation filed after more than 15 years. At the same time, my property was cited with a "junkyard" Violation. The details below are from my first mention of the conditions next door through the 2019 Violations (including my property). The previous owner of my property filed Complaints back to 2002.

First "debris/rats" Complaint e-mailed to Mike Nelson 6/21/2016 (no pictures).
Logged as three Complaints with same description including boats/trailers without current tags/decals (see "boat" page): #16 112936 RUB 00 CRP, #16 112938 JY 00 CRP and #16 112937 MIS 00 CRP. Inspectot Mazzola closed out each with no explanations noted, no violations issued.

17 120502 RUB 00 CRP Complaint logged 8/18/17.
"RUB"is Rubbish but description says "boat without tag" (see "boat" page).
Inspectot Godfrey closed out with no explanation noted, no violation issued.

10/6/17 photos e-mailed with Complaint to Mike Nelson 10/6/17. Complaint not logged.

12/08/17 photos.
Inspectors have been on-site multiple times, ignored "junkyard".

7/29/18 photos, inspectors were on-site in July multiple times for accessory building occupancy complaint (see "apartment" page). Jacuzzi installed years ago without permit was only thing cited (removed from ground, sitting in backyard since).

8/13/18 photos, e-mailed with Complaint to Mike Nelson.

11/16/18 photos, e-mailed with Complaint to Mike Nelson 12/2/18. Complaint not logged.

Various other photos sent to Mike Nelson that show back yard and a mattress in front yard for two months.

2/26/19, while on site for the fencing/junkyard complaints next door, inspector Chayer cited my property as a "junkyard" for sections of fencing leaning against my fence in a 5 foot wide, shielded space on the east side of my house and a utility trailer (Florida tag) which holds my 150lb custom waterfall (made of black concrete like volcanic rock). Need to install 3 posts to re-attach fencing. According to Chayer, this is a "junkyard" equivalent to the industrialized lot next door. But Chayer did not take pictures to file with the 47 Brooks violation, only mine!

Below are photos taken by Chayer 2/26/19
My yard/violation-


*Video clip of neighbor giving Chayer permission to enter 47 Brooks.

3/11/19 photos I took of my back yard (goes back to brushline/doghouse not mine).
I did later attach the loose sections to existing fence/posts and got a new sticker for the trailer tag.

Hutchinson said the fence sections had to be inside a building. I disagreed because they were no longer loose.
In July they dropped the Junkyard violation, saying a technical issue was overlooked.
I later reinstalled three posts/panels (one panel still attached to existing fencing).

47 Brooks Junkyard Violation- Feb 2019 Violation was issued without any photos by the inspector.
Code Board hearing, Inspector Chayer presented ONE photo taken April 2019, saying the homeowner was "voluntarily complying".

4/22/19- still piles of materials/debris in many places and new materials on the balcony.

Every month from May through October, Enforcement requested the Board extend the case another month.
In October, Chayer told the Board he had revisited the property and the back yard was actually "worse" than before but the homeowner would not allow him to take photos in the back yard. The Board set a Nov 21st 2019 date to start a $50/day fine.

12/22/19- more materials/debris in same places since April.
My photos only show the back of garage and western side. Eastern side likely worse.

After the $6,000 cap was reached in March 2020. the County says they will not take any further legal action or take "new" complaints. This prompted the homeowner to start adding to his trash. I sent some photos to Enforcement showing there was more debris including tires, plus an old hot tub removed for a 2017 violation has been re-installed into the ground. The following show the last set of picture from 5/6/20 sent to the County as an "update" and some pictures from 6/14/20 where there are now open bins of pots/pans added to the tires, materials and debris behind the garage.

5/6/20- compare to 12/19.