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Volusia County Administration/Code Enforcement Corruption
False/Malicious Violations Filed By Inspectors

My experiences with Volusia County's abuse of their jobs.
Three Violations filed by inspectors based on false premises.

Jan 2016, while trying to get information about the inspection of new fence at 47 Brooks Dr,
my fencing was cited as being "constructed without a permit".

When purchasing my home, I had the realtor check for any permit issues. The fully-fenced lot was one
reason I bought the property. And before repairing the fence after moving in, I called the permit dept and
was told it would not require a permit (no added or relocated posts and about 10% of total fence).

Jan 2016, I called insector Mike Mazzola twice, leaving a voice message each time requesting a call back. First regarding the fence inspection at 47 Brooks he approved and a week later regarding the fencing violation on my property. After another week with no call back, I e-mailed Mike Nelson that my fencing had been built by the previous homeowner and a permit should be on file. They found the permit and dismissed the violation. Mazzola had filed the Violation without checking old permits, probably based on false information from the 47 Brooks Dr homeowner. This was all handled by e-mail.

Inspector Margaret Godfrey was on site 6/1/18 for a fence height violation which was valid (6x8 sections rotated up to block noise). But she also filed a Violation for the existing fencing in my yard being "built without a permit" (false info from the neighbor?). I told her how Mazzola had filed the same violation. Phone videos show she is talking about all my fencing, even looking in back along the west side. Then in the hearing 12/21/18, Godfrey says she only meant the two unattached sections cited for height on a separate violation.

Before the hearing, after I had rotated the fence sections back down in front (police had stopped noise), Godfrey filed a 3rd Violation for "junkyard" citing the same two unattached 6 foot sections. I explained they were to be reattached after broken posts were re-installed. After the hearing, during the compliance follow-up, inspector Hutchinson had me move the 2 unattached fencing sections behind the gate with 3 other sections of fence from the back yard (need to re-install 3 posts). All three Violations were then dismissed.

After the 2nd time being cited, I requested a copy of the 2002 fence permit through public records. Both Mazzola and Godfrey had
access to this. Note the permit includes two extensions by the previous homeowner due to harassment by the 47 Brooks neighbor.

The neighbor across the street at 50 Brooks regularly parked in the 12 foot right-of-way/swale outside his fenced yard. "Front yard parking" was a running issue with 47 Brooks and on 1/8/2018, 50 Brooks was cited for "parking in the front yard" by Godfrey. The nieghbor no longer parks there rather than risk dealing with Enforcement. I requested the photo from the Violation and it shows the vehicle was not far off the pavement, parked legally in the swale. The 47 Brooks Dr homeowner wanted to cause the other neighbor stress and Godfrey filed the Violation when there was none.