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Volusia County Administration/Code Enforcement Corruption
Ongoing issues regarding boats, RV, trailers and vehicles
improperly parked in front or back yard.

This page only covers the June 11-23, 2020- truck and/or trailer parked between house and front property line.

Online Complaints logged Friday 6/12 and Sunday 6/14. Both indicate "trailer" parking.
I had filed the Sunday Complaint after seeing a trailer was left in the front yard a second day.
Enforcement was expected to contact the homeowner Monday and he would move the trailer.
My security video (fixed camera) showed the trailer unmoved since Saturday morning, 6/13.
On Thursday the 18th, I saw no update posted online so sent and e-mail asking for an update on the 6/14 Complaint.
Hutchinson replied as if I was making a new Complaint. About an hour later, the homeowner moved his truck in front
of the trailer but did not hitch it. About 7pm, the truck was moved back to the driveway, trilaer same place since 6/13.
The following day, 6/19, trailer was moved to east side of the front yard, still between the house and front property line.
On 6/23, trailer is moved back to the driveway. Was parked in violation 6/13-6/23.
Security video 6/10-6/12 showed the truck coming and going but was being parked in the front yard, not the driveway.

I let Hutchinson know I was saving the security videos from 6/13-6/19 and that the homeowner "posed" the truck in the yard on 6/18. The inspector, Chayer, drove by and took a photo of the truck and trailer in the yard, both were in violation. Chayer returned 6/23 after homeowner moved trailer to driveway, so Enforcement "witnessed" the violation from 6/18-6/23 without any need of my security videos or testimony unless prosecuting from 6/13. After the violation ended 6/23, I did not follow up to see if anything was done.

On 7/6, I received a subpeana to appear at the 7/15 Code Board meeting. I looked at the meeting agenda online but Hendricks' case did not indicate it was a Repeat Violation or what Enforcement's reccomendations would be.
I e-mailed Hutchinson 7/13 evening asking if it was being handled as a Repeat Violation (fine incurred on day 1 of re-occurance) or a new case which would be dismissed since the trailer had been moved within 10 days of Notice. I also asked about the meeting being "live" due to the virus thing, that I knew the Board would only consider what Enforecment testifies to for the time period of a violation so my testimony would be pointless other than affirming the date/time stamped contigous security videos were unaltered. Hutchinson did not reply Tuesday. Wednesday 7/15, about 10:30am, I thought about checking the Enforcement web site to see if I could watch the meeting. I figured out how to register for the case which was last on the agenda and was able to participate verbally.

When the case came up, Chayer testified they had "received a Complaint from the neighbor Mr Pollock as usual", displayed the photos showing the truck and trailer in the yard on 6/18 and back in the driveway 6/23. Chayer said the truck was attached to the trailer, incorrect and not a factor (both were in violation).
Then Hendricks testified that he only had it the truck and trailer parked in the yard for 3-4 hours, unloading dirt.
Hendricks also went on an extended rant about me, as if that should have a bearing on his guilt.
I then testified that my security camera shows the trailer was unmoved, or hitched to truck, from 6/13-6/19.
Mainly it shows the homeowner walking between the trailer and truck after parking the truck.
This would prove the homeowner has no hesitation about lying under oath to the Board.
I pleaded with the Board to continue the case so Enforcement could pick up the security videos, at least for 6/18.

Then someone brought up a 36 hour per week provision 72-287(c) which allows loading/unloading/cleaning of RV's and watercraft in the front driveway before/after use. Enforcement said that since utility trailers were in the same code, they should get the 36 hour allowance. The Board asked if I could show the trailer was there for more than 36 hours, I told them I only saved 8am-8pm each day because you could not see details at night, it would have doubled the 24gigs of files and the fixed camera showed trailer was in same spot at 8pm as 8am next morning.
The Board stated since there wasn't 36 hours of contiguous video, they dismissed the case.

Here are the (poorly) transcribed minutes from the hearing:

I later saw the 36 hour provision explicitly states RV's and watercraft and still have to be on a driveway.
The actual code violation 72-287(e) is for parking in the area between the house and the front property line other than a driveway. That is what Chayer photographed on 6/18, truck and trailer parked between house and front property line. Since this was a Repeat Violation, a fine should have been assessed from 6/18-6/23, without any need for my security videos or testimony because the 36 hour provision has nothing to do with the violation.

After the homeowner got back, he stood outside my living room window harassing me because the case was dismissed. The homeowner will use this as an example of me "harassing" him by filing "false" Complaints that result in "no violation observed". Enforcement contacts this homeowner before an inspector will be by so the violation can be resolved. Rather than deterring him from repeating, this reassures he can get away with it due to the assistance of Enforcement rather than enforcement by Enforcement. He still blames Godfrey because he was fined for the RV parking (did not bother moving RV after getting Notice).

Screen captures and video clips from the security videos saved 6/13-6/19.
The full 45-minute each, contiguous security video files were/are available (24 gig).

Screen captures of trailer about 10am each morning. Note how date/time stamp aligns with trailer.

6/13 video clips show the trailer being parked in yard 8:32am and 1:55pm when unhitched from truck.

6/18 video clips show the truck being moved in front of trailer 10:41am without hitching,
then moving truck back to driveway 7:05pm. Homeowner testified under oath 6/18 was the only day the trailer was in the yard
and was attached to the truck the entire time. Chayer saying they were attached in 6/18 photo bolstered homeowner's perjury.

6/19 video clip when trailer is actually rehitched to truck, moved to east side of yard, still in violation until 6/23.
Chayer's photos from 6/18 (told the Board it was hitched) and 6/23. Based on these photos alone, minimal fine should be 5 days.
7/15 video of homeowner harassing me through my window because the case was dismissed.

After sending e-mails about the mis-application of the 36 hour provision for recreational vehicles/watercraft along with the clarification of the area between the house and front property line (excluded from 36 hour provivion), Code Enforcement was forced to ass a "reconsideration" to the August hearing. But they demanded I provide the videos in advance while refusing to provide a flash drive for them. All they needed to do was to tell the Board the 36 hour providion was not a factor in the case and being a Repeat Violation, was subject to an ummediate daily fine from first date violation (trailer in yard) observed (6/18) until corrected (6/23). The only purpose my security videos would even have been needed was IF the Board would consider the violation started 6/13 (or 6/11 with the truck).

Here are the minutes from the 8/19/20 Board hearing where the County (Ms Slack and Code Enforcement)
refused to prosecute the case when the reconsideration was brought up: