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Volusia County Administration/Code Enforcement Corruption
Ongoing issues regarding boats, RV, trailers and vehicles
improperly parked in front or back yard.

This page only covers parking between house and front property line since December 2020.
Code Enforcement dismissing daily complaints of the Repeat Violation as "no violation observed".

December 2020, homeowner fined $100 for Repeat Violation parking in front yard.
Homeowner then started digging up front yard to expand existing driveway. Towards the end of February, I contacted the county several times the "construction" should have been completed

Code Enforcement says the "driveway construction" allows him to park between house and front property line.
There is no such provision in the codes and the homeowner has been allowed to continue the Repeat Violation with impudence.
By March, homeowner had dug up east side of yard at which point I found codes requiring minimum 30 feet between driveways, 5 feet from side property line and permit for "driveway connector" if paving over the 12 foot right-of-way.

April/August 2018 when a layer of wood chips was a "driveway extension" and complaints dismissed.
There was no such "extension" term in the codes but there is a minimum 6" depth of substrate for an "unpaved driveway".
After I pointed this out multiple times to administrators, the homeowner stopped in August 2020.
They also allowed a utility trailer which is required to be parked in the back or side yard with 5 foot setback.
Code Enforcement either was unaware of the codes for accessory use utility trailers or intentionally ignored them.

Photos from Dec 2020 showing the yard dug up and January 2021 when started using for routine parking.
Sporadic complaints dismissed as "no violation observed" even though seen by inspectors on site.

Here are photos, most were submitted with online Complaints from 1/24-5/25.
Every day with a violation should be subject to a $100 fine if bought before the Code Board.
Photos were also sent to County Manager George Recktenwald to document the Intentional Negligence.