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Volusia County Administration/Code Enforcement Corruption
Lack of knowledge or intentional disregard of the minimum 25-foot front setback.

My experiences with Volusia County's disregard
for (or ignorance of) the Codes they are paid to enforce.

Since Jan 2016, I have been trying to get the County to address the fencing installed on the west side of 47 Brooks Dr in Dec 2015. First due to being overheight and placement questions, later the 25 foot minimum setback.

The insector Mike Mazzola signed off on the work which visually did not match the site plan or measurements. Was this intentional disregard of the setback, ignorance/lack of training or because the inspector has for years been approving permits/work by Ronald Hendricks (never held any Florida construction licensing), regardless of compliance/safety including other resdential and commercial properties Hendricks has worked on using a "borrowed" contractors license?

Dec 2015 permit #20151224002 for 4 foot and 6 foot fencing. Site plan shows a code compliant 25 feet from front
property line/"front yard" limited to 4 foot height. It is incorrectly shown along the angled side property line,
should be measured perpendicular from the front property line (like the front corners of the house).
17 year old survey (with 1-car garage) accepted by the Permit Dept, 5-year maximum disregarded.

This shows the 25 foot setback aligned with the front property line and street.
Note there is a 12 foot right-of-way/swale between the asphalt and property line.
Setback is measured perpendicular from the property line, not angled along the side property line.
The houses being angled on the lots does not effect actual setback minimums.

After getting a 30 foot tape measure, I found the 4 foot fencing back to a palm tree was about 17 feet before starting to increase in height behind the palm tree. I filed a Complaint with photos to Mike Nelson. I was told that because Mazzola had already passed the permit, code enforcement would not question/measure the fencing setback issue.

Segments related to the setback taken from 9 minute video of inspector Godfrey on-site June 1, 2018.
Godfrey unaware of the 25-foot minimum "front yard" which is limited to 4-foot maximum fence height.

When inspector Chayer was on-site 2/26/19 (see "junkyard" page), I once again pointed out the setback violation.
Chayer did log a separate, recent fencing section installed in the rear yard and later an 8 foot barrier
erected right after he left but the 3-year old setback violation was disregarded.