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Calls to Volusia County Sheriff trying to stop/document ongoing harassment

My experiences since moving into 49 Brooks Dr involving the homeowner next door.
Harassment, verbal and physical, from Dec 2015-present. One focus was the near-daily
use of a radio directed at my living room about 15 feet away for more than 2 years. This page
has a few examples where I called police (ex: noise/radio early morning or excessively loud).

Home orientation:
My living room is in the front corner, 5 feet from my fence next to his rear driveway.
Hendricks will yell/talk/harass me through my windows from the fence.
If I opened my front window on that side, the harassment would be increased.
I kept that window closed for most of 2016-2018 (police then got him to reduce).
Pictures below show the area utilized by Hendricks for most harassing including radio/equipment.

In 2018, I got a security system with audio but just kept two cameras inside my living room front windows
to capture harassment (audio) so police would believe me when I reported an incident or extreme harassment.

This page only has one early example from 2016 and several 2018-2020 incidents where police were called.
Police report, if acquired, showing how they handled the issue. Few officers understood the impact the noise harassment was having.
Police were called many times 2016/2017 but did not document like after noise ordinance was enforceable.

To show my efforts requesting police for help started years ago. Hendricks would leave a leaf blower running/unattended a lot. One time (5/25/16) it was going about 20 minutes without "moving" so I went out and took a video (upside down). 10 minutes later took another video (starts with noise level from inside my living room) and called police who came out 10 minutes later, blower still running unattended. The officer had Hendricks turn it off, then Hendricks went to the police station to complain that he was just "running out the gas". The officer came back for the videos (show blower has electric cord).

Police report from 5/25/16

Noise ordinance 50-478 was being contested in court until May 2018.
The ordinance covers any production of sound/noise which is a nuisance, time not a primary factor.
It does specifically mention "for convenient hearing for the persons who are in the room, vehicle or chamber".
So if gone from the residence, leaving a radio on like this is a "public nuisance", endured since Dec 2015.

2/21/18 P180520704- radio on all day as nuisance, homeowner gone 8 hours
Radio on 7:07am in driveway window. Ron leaves 8:26, radio left on. I call police 9am,
officers come out but do not consider enough for public disturbance case. Ron returns after 5pm.

Video clips showing 1) radio on at 7:07am, 2) truck leaves 8:28, radio still on.
3) phone video 8:52, radio in driveway window, no one home. 4) truck returns 9:14,
5) truck leaves 9:19. 6) phone video 3:52, radio still on, no one home.

Police report doesn't have any details, "information given"?

4/11/2018 P181012047- radio on very loud 7 hours, truck hood open but not actually working on truck
7:00pm I call police for help. 7:04 radio turned off (after officer called hendricks?).
7:06 I call police dispatch again to cancel the call.

Video clips showing 1) Phone video of high volume 3:23pm (from front porch and fence). 2) Phone video 5:55pm.
3) security video (camera inside my window) with both radio and my TV 6:46pm before calling police.
4) security video 7:00, radio only, me talking to dispatch requesting officer.
5) security video 7:04pm when radio is turned off. 6) security video 7:06, I cancel police call.

Police report "hold" at 7:09pm (after call to hendricks?), officer Mele drives by 8:21pm.

5/21/2018 P181410663/P181410858/P181410904-
noise ordinance enforceable again, radio left on, hendricks not home

8:30am ron gone, radio left on, called police. Police will call ron with warning.
10:20 ron back 5 minutes, leaves, radio left on, call police again. officer calls back, "will turn off next time".
12:40 ron back, 12:58 leaves, radio left on. 3:00 ron back, truck parked in front, radio on in driveway past 5pm.
Some phone videos show how I turned loose fence sections on end trying to block/reduce noise intrusion.

Video clips showing 1) 8:23am ron leaves. 2) phone video 8:34am of radio left on on window.
3) phone video 10:28 of radio still being left on (after police talked to hendricks).
4) 12:58 ron leaves again, radio left on (while raining). 5) phone video 2:01 of radio volume.
6) phone video 4:38pm, ron home, radio volume from my front porch.

Police reports: P181410663- I call police 8:38am, they leave card on Hendricks' door.
P181410858- Hendricks calls police 10:07am, informed of noise ordinance enforcement.
P181410904- police narrative shows Hendricks rejected/disregarded their warnings of enforcement.

3/12/2019 P190710795- radio left on in driveway as nuisance while ron gone from home
Security videos overwritten before saving off DVR, only have phone videos.
9am radio on in side window facing my living room, ron gone. 9:30 call police for report.
Police arrive, they find/talk to ron 10:00am. Radio kept on after ron leaves.
Take phone videos 10:30am, 1:50pm, 2:25pm show volume and ron gone. Radio on only for harassment.
Note I am still using loose fence sections to try and block/reduce noise intrusion.

Video clips showing radio volume by fence and Hendricks gone.
1) after calling police 9:40am. 2) after police leave, 10:30am ron gone/radio on.
3) 1:50pm ron gone/radio on. 4) 2:25pm ron gone/radio on.

Police report shows Hendricks thinks he can play the radio all day regardless of police.
Tells police that Code Enforcement ok'ed his leaving radio on if between 7am-10pm.

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