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Volusia County Administration/Code Enforcement Corruption
Ongoing issues regarding boats, RV, trailers and vehicles
improperly parked in front or back yard.

My experiences with Volusia County's disregard for the Codes they are paid to enforce.
After being cited in 2016 by Mike Mazzola for a parking violation, I had to look up parking regulations for residential properties.
Code 72-287 includes parking regulations for boats, trailers and RV's which have to be 5 feet from the property line and are not
allowed to park in the front yard (36 hour provision for RV and boat loading/unloading/cleaning to be parked in driveway).
Boats/RV's/trailers must have "current" registration to be kept on a property, motor vehicles in the back yard do not.

In January 2016, I received a 10-Day Notice of Violation for my mini-van being parked on the east side of my front yard (blocking
signs neighbor had placed extending above the 4 foot fence). Although I had moved the van before being aware I was cited, the Notice
said it was for "parking motor vehicle(s) on front yard, other than on driveway". My property does not have a paved driveway, there is
a 12 foot lane on the west side of my property which is my driveway and access to the rear yard. My phone call/voice message to the
inspector who cited me, Mike Mazzola, was not returned. After several months, I was able to find out how to look up codes online and found
the code only applies to the area between the principal structure and the front property line. So the west side was OK but the east side only
has a 5 foot setback for the house so that side cannot be used for parking. I had been in violation but the description was incorrect.
This and refusing to return my voice message reflects negligence by the inspector who cited me.

10-Day Notice of Violation for "parking motor vehicle(s) on front yard" (green area) and
actual code stating "between the front lot line and the principal structure" (red area).

Because I was cited for this code, I have filed complaints
when 47 Brooks parks cars/trucks/trailers/boats in the "no-parking" area.
Code Enforcement would contact the homeowner, sometimes giving days before driving by.

2016 boat parking violation resulting in Non-Compliance of Code 72-287 recorded.
On, homeowner moved smaller boat from back yard to front yard. "For Sale" sign but no phone number.
After a few days, I e-mailed Enforcement with photos of the boat and truck parked there multiple days. Homeowner moved
the boat into the driveway, behind his gate in the 12 foot space between house and fence. The boat was less than 2 feet

2018 "driveway extension" made up County employees to bypass 72-287(e).
Since I was now aware of the code details regarding the area between "house and front property line, other than driveway". I filed a Complaint when the homeowner started parking regularly in the front yard when he had two renters. The homeowner ended up placing a thin layer of woodchips on a plastic sheet next to his concrete driveway and using it to park vehicles and trailers. I complained that the code definition specify a "miminum 6-inch layer of loose substrate to be considered an unpaved driveway". Hutchinson replied that it was a "driveway extension" and allowed the parking to continue until November when I started seeking help from the County Council. The homeowner stopped using the area but no Violations were recorded for the parking during the 7 months.

2018 boat parking violation resulting in Non-Compliance of Code 72-287 recorded.
After finding out the 5 foot setback applies to boats, I measured the gap with a pvc pipe at about 4 feet. I sent a complaint. The homeowner may have moved boat a little before the inspector said it was still a few inches less than 5 feet. That was measured from my fence which is 6 inches inside my property line so the gap to property line was closer to 4 feet than 5 feet. The Board found the homeonwer in Violation and dismissed the case since the boat had been moved within 10 days of Notice. The Board made it clear to the homeowner a repeat violation would incur a fine from day 1, the homeowner acknowledged.

2019 RV parking violation resulting in first fine ever recorded against homeowner.
On homeowner was given a derelict RV which he managed to drive home. He parked it in the driveway, behind his gate but in a 12 foot lane with less than 2 feet clearance. I had seen a 5 foot setback is required so I waited a few days then filed a Complaint and started taking photos. Because of the lot angles, the back 2/3 or the RV was visible from my front door and the street. I saw the online complaint had been closed as "no violation observed". I e-mailed Ed Kelly Council Chairman pointing out this was the type of issue I had requested help with before. Enforcement then opened a new case and claimed the inspector had "gone to the wrong address". Because of the previous boat parking violation, a "Repeat Violation" Notice was issued but the homeowner still did not move the RV until . Enforcement subpenaed me as a witness and I testified the RV was in that spot for 22 days. But the Board went by the later date when Enforcement came the 2nd time, fining the homeowner $20/per day for 10 days ($200 slap on the wrist). The homeowner insisted he had been told parking in the driveway (where his boat had been cited) was OK by Enforcement but Godfrey had meant in the back yard where he moved the boat.

June 11-23, 2020- truck and/or trailer parked between house and front property line.
This example covers 12 days, several e-mails and two Code Board hearings.
I set up a separate page for this since it includes many videos and audio clips from the hearings.
Code Enforcement intentionally misdirects the Code Board into believing a provision
for temporary RV/boat (recreational use) parking applies to utility trailers (utility use).
Then refusing to address during the next Code Board meeting after I pointed out the intentional misdirection.

Examples below just to show the trailer is in exact same spot.
Due to the number of videos/audio clips/photos, I set up a separate page for this parking violation example.

December 2020- CEB2020294 homeowner cited and fined $100 by Code Board for truck parked in front yard.
In this case, Code Enforcement actually cited the homeowner (12/9/20 photo below) and was fined by Code Board.
Because parking had been cited before, this was a Repeat Violation and subject to a daily fine from date of reoccurance.
I testified the truck was parked for multiple days but the Board only fined him for the one day "observed" by Enforcement.

Since January 2021 (ongoing as of June)- vehicles/trailer being allowed to park in front yard.
Repeat Violations ignored by Code Enforcement for 6 months, say "not a violation" due to "driveway construction".
Code states parking not allowed between house and front property except on driveway (min depth- paved 3"/unpaved 6").
There is no "construction" exemption in the code but inspectors dismiss complaints as "no violation".
Homeowner dug up his yard in December 2020 and started parking in the area regularly, then daily.
If built where dug up, driveways would be non-compliant due to minimum distance requirements.
If built where dug up, driveways would be non-compliant due to minimum distance requirements.
"Construction" that should have taken less than a month has been falsely applied by Enforcement for 6 months.
And utility trailers are required to be parked/stored in back/side yards regardless of driveways.

Examples below show yard dug up December 2020 and start of parking allowed by Enforcement.
Also including two photos where "inspectors" are on site while vehicles/trailer parked in violation.
Due to the number of photos submitted with online Complaints, I set up a separate page for them.