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Ronald Hendricks / Homeowner of 47 Brooks Dr
Examples from 5 years of verbal harassment

My experiences since moving into 49 Brooks Dr involving the homeowner next door.
Harassment, verbal and physical, from Dec 2015-present. One focus has been verbal harassment, trying to
provoke a reaction whether I am inside my home, working in my yard or simply walking to/from my vehicle.

Home orientation:
My living room is in the SE front corner, 5 feet from my fence next to his rear driveway.
Hendricks will yell/talk/harass me through my side and front windows from the fence.
If I opened the eastern front window, harassment would be increased so kept closed most of 2016-2018.
Pictures below show the area utilized by Hendricks for most verbal harassing.

From 2016-2017, prior to security system set up:
In Dec 2015, Hendricks started his campaign which included daily and early morning harassment to disrupt my sleep.
Tried using my flip phome to capture examples when I was woken but those are mostly in a dark room with low audio.
I then got my first smart phone which made taking videos easier, then tried a cheap body camera
so I would not have to take out my phone to capture harassmsnet but it wouldn't work right.
Because I would be harassed most anytime I was in my yard, I started turning on phone to record if I was
going to be outside for much time doing yardwork/mowing or working on my motorcycle/car.

From 2018-current, after security system set up (timestamped videos):
In 2017, I bought and returned three security systems because they did not record multiple channels and record audio.
In 2018, I tried again and got a system working but just kept two cameras inside my living room, facing out the
front windows to capture harassment so police would believe me when I reported an incident or extreme harassment.
In 2019, I had the wired cameras installed outside to cover front/back/side yards.
I would note when I heard harsssment, then have to review and save that part of the security video.
There are thousands of times Hendricks intended to harass but was not heard, therefore not noted.
I usually tryed to include 30 seconds or more before harassment starts to show unprovoked.

This page only has samples of verbal harassment/threats while inside my home.
Verbal harassment/threats while in my yard are on a separate page
Equipment/noise harassment samples are on a separate page.

Some older examples, going on since Dec 2015:

4/20/2016- hendricks harassing, starting from inside my living room.

5/15/2016- videos from inside my house- 7:21am banging metal, harassing, truck idling, off :58, more harassing.

6/7/2016- videos from inside my house- banging :52, 1:36 "kiddy porn", 2:50 turns radio up

10/3/2016- videos from inside my house- a: 2:05 threatens me if I come out. b: set phone inside my front window,
call police to report threats. 2:25 says "you sell drugs to these kids in the neighborhood...I got two to testify against you".

9/7/2018- videos from inside my house- 4:50am, woken by metal dragging.
hendricks harassing, slamming truck door, honks, leaves.

12/27/2018- hendricks harassing from front yard 12:38pm 2:43pm.

A few recent examples Jul-Oct 2020:

7/11/20- ron harassing by window 11am, again 5pm.

7/15/20- 12:37pm ron harassing by window after trailer parking case dismissed.

7/17/20- 8:33/8:35am ron harassing by window. 10:10 harassing from back.

7/19/20- 11:57am ron harassing by window.

7/20/20- (audio cuts on/off) 7:51am (open garbage/"smell this") 8:48/:50 ron harassing by window.

7/21/20- 11:15am ron harassing by window. 11:47 radio on loud, 11:49 more harassing,
11:50 11:52 11:56 (kiddy porn) 12:03 12:09 12:15 12:39 2:54.

7/22/20- 11:07pm ron harassing by window.

7/28/20- 6:58am ron harassing/yelling through my window.
5:37pm harasses when I return home/walking to my front door.

7/29/20- 7:02am harassing from back "make $1,000 extra this week",.

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